Now You Can Know Exactly How Much Your Ads Are Making ...And Automatically Scale What's Working (While Turning Off What Isn't).

How It Works:

Actually know what's bringing in revenue (and what isn't).

A team of Phds, engineers, and data scientists spent 183 consecutive days (and nights) creating our DNA Tracking Engine. 

It cost us just under $600,000 (and counting) to build.

The net effect? 

Simple: You'll be able to track sales from your Social ads ...even if someone clicks on your ad today, waits a while, and then buys a few days later ...from a different device in a different location. 

Even if they have cookie-blockers. 

Even if they're in "incognito" mode. It doesn't matter. 


Especially revenue.

ROAS doesn't depend on Pixels, cookies, or anything like that. 

We integrate directly with your payment system. And this means that we can track every single purchase someone makes ...even if its six months from now.

Even if you have a complex sales process with multiple cross-sells, upsells, or order bumps'll know exactly how much revenue your ads are bringing you ...down to the penny.

Automatically Scale What's Working
(And Stop What Isn't)

Say goodbye to agencies, media buyers, "ad coaches", and the inconsistent results (and high fees) that come with them.

ROAS simply makes them obsolete by automatically scaling the ads that work, and trimming the ones that don't.

We do this by allowing you to create simple rules that do exactly what an expensive agency or employee would do ...except ROAS works for you 24/7 and never makes mistakes. 

(And it's actually tracking your REAL sales as opposed to making the "educated guesses" that come from FB's pixels and other tracking systems.)

The concept is simple: Now that you're actually tracking the TRUE amount of revenue your ads are bringing you, you can simply tell ROAS how to manage everything ...and it will. 


For example, let's say that you want to take your ads that are working ...and scale them up. In this example, let's say that every ad that's bringing in over 2X ad spend for the day is "good".

No problem. 

Just click a few buttons and ROAS will look at all your campaigns ...find the ones that match your rules (in this case - making more than 2X what you spend) ...and it'll scale them by as much as you want often as you want.

It also keeps you from losing money when things go south.

For example, let's say you don't want to run any ads that are bringing in less than 1.2X as much as you spend.

No problem. ROAS will check on everything, and (according to what you want it to do) ...either pause the ads that aren't performing or reduce their spend.

And you can scale, pause, or reduce spend based on all number of important things like cost per lead, cost per sale, or return on ad spend.

It's like having the best media buyer in the world working for you 24/7.

What It Costs

You can try ROAS for free for a full week. NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED.

Setup takes about 5 minutes (literally) and once everything's been populated into the system, you'll start seeing accurate stats and you'll be able to use the automations.

Creating the automations is extremely easy as well, so it's safe to say that you can start seeing the benefits of using it TODAY.

We think that once the trial is up, you'll be hooked (in the good way) and you'll want to use it forever.

If you do, it's $297 per month. 

That's it. 

We don't charge you more based on how much you spend or how much you use it, either.

If you do the math, it's like getting a full-time ad expert running everything for you 24/7 ...for 41 cents an hour.

We're actually worried that the low cost might put people off. Which is why we might raise prices in the future. But that would be for new users ...not you.

But even if we did charge more, at the end of the day it should actually cost you ...


And the reason why is because ROAS should both make you (and save you) far more than the already low expense.

But please don't take our word for it.

Instead, try it for free. No credit card needed.

You'll have full access to the entire power of ROAS for a full week, which is plenty of time for you to see if this is valuable or not.

If you like it, you simply sign up as a paying user and then keep using it as long as you want. There are no contracts or commitments on your end. You can cancel any time.

And if you don't see the value, you're not out anything because it's free to try it. You don't even have to cancel the account because we'll do it for you automatically when the 7 days is over. 

So you literally have nothing to risk at all.

How To Get Started

The first step is to create your account. That's free to do. 

We don't even ask you for a credit card.

Once you do that, setting it up is easy. 

Step 1: Connect To Your Ad Account. (This takes a matter of seconds. You just click two buttons.)

Step 2: Connect To Your Website And Shopping Cart. (This takes about two minutes. You're just pasting our tracking script into the headers on your pages and then pasting on link into a special section of your shopping cart or payment processor.)

Step 3: Add our tracking code to your Social ads. (This takes at most, two minutes. You can update all of your ads at once ...with the press of three buttons.)

That's it!

Once everything is connected and synched up, you'll be good to go! 

Every sale from here on out will be tracked perfectly and you can completely automate your entire account so that it's running better than it would if you were paying a full time pro to do it for you. 

Need help? Contact us at help[at], or use the webchat within your account, or snail mail us at ROAS, Inc. 7660 Fay Ave #307, La Jolla, Ca. 92037.